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Our services include Capacity Building, Organisational Development, Research and Evaluations, Facilitating Convenings, and Strategic Communications. Our ideal clients are institutions who want to make a positive impact on society, particularly in the Global South.

Capacity Building

Through capacity building, we strengthen the abilities of individuals, institutions, and systems to perform core functions sustainably, and to continue to improve and develop over time. We work with clients to design capacity building and institutional strengthening initiatives that lead to actionable, sustained sector change.

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Organisational Development

Good corporate governance leads to ethical business practices and is essential to the stability of any organisation. We offer corporate governance and strategic planning services to our clients thus enabling organizations achieve maximum results.

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Research & Evaluations

On behalf of our clients, we conduct action focused research and evaluations. These include programme baselines, midterm reviews, end-term evaluations, surveys, and other social research that promotes sustainable development.

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Facilitating Convenings

We help our clients to organize and facilitate convenings at national, regional and international levels. We work with our clients to create experiences that promote meaningful, respectful, fun and unique interactions and outputs. Physical and mental wellbeing and self care is integrated as a core element of these interactions.

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Strategic Communications

We support media and ICT organisations to be more gender transformative in their structures, processes and content. We also work with CSOs, academia, public sector and the private sector to strengthen their social impact branding and communications strategies and processes while promoting gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

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