Organisational Development

Good corporate governance leads to ethical business practices and is essential to the stability of any organisation. We offer corporate governance and strategic planning services to our clients thus enabling organizations achieve maximum results. We offer our clients trusted methodologies to maintain high productivity through a motivated workforce that values and practices gender equality, inclusion and diversity in leadership, recruitment, retention and promotion processes. A diverse and inclusive organisation is an essential for business and social impact. It improves organisational performance and benefits everyone. We offer technical support in the following areas;


Strengthening the capacity of the governance boards to improve organizational performance including board coaching, succession, transition and change management


Developing and contextualizing their visions and missions towards reaching their goals.


Developing, clarifying, and monitoring their future growth through a written strategic plan.


Facilitating organizational audits (gender, disability inclusion, diversity, advocacy, etc) and strategic planning sessions for a wide range of organisations to ensure clarity of focus and impact